Free Philly Cheesesteak Event

Bumpers definitely put our money where our mouth is on Tuesday, April 17th , 2007. During our day-long Free Philly Cheesesteak, we gave away over 16,000 free philly cheesesteak sandwiches in our Jackson Metro area locations! WOW! We had traffic backed up at all locations for most of the day and especially during the evening hours when word really got out. The event was a HUGE success. We thank everyone who came by on Tuesday to give our Philly Cheesesteak a try. As Mississippi’s Philly Cheesesteak Headquarters, Bumpers is committed to serving you the best philly cheesesteak you will find anywhere. We believe in our product, and we thank the Jackson Metro area for supporting us and showing that they believe in it too.

Some of our guests joining us for our Free Philly Cheesesteak Event at our Jackson-Terry Road location.

Guests are our Pearl location joined us for lunch to enjoy their Free Philly Cheesesteaks.

Our Bumpers locations stayed packed all day long with guests.

Traffic backed up at locations across the Jackson Metro area as guests waited for their turns to order their Free Philly Cheesesteaks.