Bumpers Drive-In

Bumpers America's Favorite FoodsThe idea for Bumpers Drive-In of America was conceived in late 1984 when Jackies International decided to move from a franchised drive-in concept to their own drive-in brand. The result is a nostalgic restaurant with high-quality cooked-to-order food served quickly in the convenience of your car by our friendly carhops. With 26 locations throughout Mississippi, you are sure to find one near you.

The Bumpers menu features burgers, fresh-cut, hand-battered onion rings, chili cheese dogs and many other hometown favorites. We also offer unique items you simply won't find at other fast food restaurants including our line of philly and hoagie sandwiches, dinner baskets, strawberry shortcake and hot fudge cake desserts, fried dill pickle-o's, and Jumping Jack Fries. And no one can forget our famous Bumpers Biggie Bag with hot apple pies!

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